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Our school began as a parenting/play group concerned about educational opportunities for children in our region. The parents involved desired a school that was truly excellent a school that would treat their children with respect, recognize their individuality, nurture their natural curiosity and creativity, and at the same time give them a rigorous foundation in not only the basics reading, writing, arithmetic, history, geography, and the sciences but also in art, music, drama, creative movement, practical skills, and foreign languages. They wanted a school that would educate the whole child and leave him or her with a lifelong love of learning and a solid foundation to make his or her own way in the world. Finally, they wanted their children to become self-confident, purposeful, and able to work well with others while being respectful of our natural environment and of other cultures throughout the world.

After three years of study, a core group of parents committed themselves to providing an education inspired by the Waldorf philosophy for their children and the greater community. The parents who originally organized Northern Lights School and those who have continued to work for its growth and development are convinced that the Waldorf school movement comes closer than any other educational philosophy to realizing these ideals in their children. Out of this conviction, dedication, and perseverance the first Preschool/ Kindergarten opened its doors in September of 1996. Our school has grown each year. In 2005 we began offering programming in Saranac Lake at the First Presbyterian Church instead of  our original campus in Wilmington.  

In summer of 2021, we purchased the Lake Colby School from the Saranac Lake Central School District.  After much renovation, blood, sweat, and tears, we will begin caring for children in the new space in the winter of 2022.  We are eternally grateful for the financial support of our donors, the families who we serve, and the small army of volunteers who have made this dream a reality.

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